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For Producers

As a filmmaker, your heart and soul goes into your production. You dream of the day the theater lights dim, the projector bulb warms, and breathless audiences take in every moment of your story. But first comes the money. To make your dream come alive, you have to make your budget.

Product Placements can help make that happen. Whether placed brands pitch in Millions or they simply send over a couple of cases, their contribution shaves dollars off the cost of production—and each deal brings your dream closer to reality.

Landing a placement deal is exciting, but to make them work really well (and to build relationships that span picture after picture), they have to provide good value for both filmmakers and brands. To maximize the value both you and the brand get from your partnership, here are some things you may see as you work with us:

Our Part

The most important thing about a placement is the match. Does the brand fit your film? Our job is to review your project, discover the target audience, and connect with brands that stand to gain from reaching your target audience.

For instance, we may place a Maybelline product in a film like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, while a Dodge Challenger is more likely to wind up in Cannonball Run. While we don't necessarily "type cast" a brand, they are investing good money into your project—and they'll be most happy about that if your target audience is similar to theirs.

We are concerned about your creative integrity as well. In selecting brands for placements, we look at the creative match as well as the audience match. The product should fit well into the story as much as it fits with the target audience demographic.

In addtition, we help you formulate a promotional strategy for your film that incorporates the marketing activites most likely to help your project succeed.

Their Part

Within a product placement deal, the brand usually supplies product that is to be used within the project. And, depending on the scope of your production, they may pay an up-front fee to get in, as well. Just like advertising in a magazine or on a television program, the up-front is an advertising payment, and the size depends primarily on the size of the target audience.

Depending on their level of involvement, we also ask the brand to provide promotional exposure for your production. This may include graphics on their packaging, branded merchandise attached to their product, mention in their advertising, sale of promotional/branded items, customized versions of their product, direct promotion to their existing list of customers, and more.

Your Part

Primarily, you will be placing the product into the project as agreed.

In addition (again, depending on the brand's level of involvement), you may provide additonal promotions as well. For instance, you may add a 2-minute promotion with the movie trailers on your DVD. Or you may offer downloadable coupons or add direct links to brand merchandise on the film's website. In some cases, your stars may headline ads for the brand as well.

Win-Win Deals

A successful deal is a win-win deal that keps both you and the brand excited about "doing another dance" together.

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