SBS Advertising

Is your Product a Good Fit?

Product placements can be a great way to market your product. Making the most of the opportunity, however, depends on how well your product will fit. Go through the following questions to see how your product measures up:

Do you market to businesses or to consumers?

Is your product or service distinctive?

Is your product or service unique?

Is your product in demand with a general market or a niche market?

Is your product available nationally or internationally?

If not, do you plan to expand your brand nationally?

Is your product for sale online, in stores, or both?

If your product is local only, is it offered at a unique location (like a tourist location)?

Can your brand be easily recognized on sight?

Is your brand well known?

Is your brand newly eslablished (within the last twelve months)?

Does your brand rank first, second, or third among your competitors?