SBS Advertising

What We Do Differently

By bringing combined film and advertising experience together into one agency, we developed ways to make placements effective for both brand marketers and filmmakers, and to do it consistently.

While the terms and scope of placement deals vary dramatically, in most cases, deals merely arrange screen time within a film for a given product. Usually, no other promotions are included. In some cases, screen time can be more than enough to launch an up-and-coming product. In most cases, however, placements need a boost from other marketing activities.

To make placements work for you, we can employ a variety of strategies that may include:

We carefully match brands with entertainment projects so that each fits the other well, and both benefit from their partnership.

Services we can provide

Whether you have your own agency support, or need a full-service solution, we can coordinate and/or craft an integrated marketing strategy that promotes your brand along with the film. And, if you are a filmmaker, we can lead a marketing effort, coordinated with the placed brands, to promote the film to audiences.

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