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Admittedly, entering a Product Placement deal can be rather daunting. While placements offer a tremendous up-side, they offer significant risk as well. Maximizing the return and mitigating the risk of a Placement Deal, then, is Top Priority.

Part of your job is to decide what marketing opportunities offer the best chance of return on your investment. You may have a boss or a banker looking over your shoulder, so when you do a marketing deal, you want to look good—really good—for cutting the deal that you got.

We can help make that happen. Our combination of strategic thinking, cross-promotional arrangements, and marketing metrics let you show your boss that the placement deals you have are good for the brand—and you'll have the numbers to prove it.

Our Part

The biggest risk with Product Placements is that the cost of the placement will exceed the return. Through various results-based stratgies, we help keep your up-front costs comparatively low. Most of your expenses for the placements will will be calculated based on actual returns you enjoy from your exposure within the film.

We also reduce risk through diversification. At the development stage, no one knows what films will truly "make it" in the box office. Rather than focusing on one or two films, we help you get into several films, increasing the chances that your brand will get the screen time it deserves—and your bottom line gets the boost it needs.

A third way we reduce risk is to carefully match films to your brand and target market. Through careful selection, we increase the chances that the people who watch the movie will actually be people that would buy your product. It also ensures that your product will be featured in a quality film that stands a greater chance of market success.

In addition to mitigating risk, we work to maximize return. This includes developing integrated marketing strategies that leverage your exposure within the film. We can work with your existing agency, or we can develop the entire campaign in-house. And we can match the marketing objectives of the campaign to your brand's existing marketing goals.

Their Part

The producers will showcase your product in their films. We look for ways to naturally integrate your brand into the film without interrupting the flow of the story so that it improves the creative quality. This ensures that, no matter how the film gets cut, your product will still get screen time.

In additon, depending on your level of involvement, you may get direct promotion in theaters, on the DVD release, and on the film's promotional website.

Your Part

You will provide product for the film. The product provided will be placed within the production and/or used in some way that is key to the production.

One of the key parts of your role is to promote the film. The level of promotion will depend on a variety of factors, so we will discuss specifics with you regarding each deal. In general, though, you would provide some level of exposure for the film through marketing you are already doing. It may be as simple as adding graphics temporarily to your packaging, or as involved as a massive international joint integrated marketing effort.

Depending on the production, you may also have an up-front fee of some amount. Up-front fees are just like air-time rates for radio or display ad fees for magazines. They are the cost of advertising. The amounts will depend on a varity of factors, the most important of which is the expected size of the audience.

And to help develop and implement the marketing metrics for each project, your IT team will work with our team to integrate the tracking and other measuring methods we will use to verify the success of the marketing efforts.

Win-Win Deals

A successful deal is a win-win deal that keps both you and the producers excited about "doing another dance" together.

Contact us today to discuss placement opportunities for your brand.