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In 1982, a new director approached a major candy company and asked permission to use their candy in his movie. They declined.

A small, little-known candy company took him up on the offer—and it was the best move they ever made. Sales soared, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The candy? Reece's Pieces. The director? Steven Speilberg. And the movie? E.T.

We could have told you how powerful product placements can be for promoting your brand. We could have thrown out charts or littered the site with graphs. Though all the facts and figures would be true, you would not remember them long enough to reach the end of the paragraph.

But a story, you remember.

Product Placements are an excellent way for you to tell a memorable story. Ads tell information. But get into a film and customers see the product in a way they'll never forget. With the right project, a placement can be one of the best marketing moves you can make.

Check out the details below, and learn how a Product Placement can be your brand's "Ace Card."

How Product Placements Work

Not familiar with Product Placements? Learn how they work and what you can expect.

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What We Do Differently

Learn what we do differently to make Product Placements work for you.

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For Advertisers

Learn how placements can build your brand—affordably.

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For Filmmakers

Learn how you can get placements in your film—without being an A-List producer.

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Is your product a good fit for Product Placements?

If you want to know whether your product or service should be in film, take a look at our check-list. Your brand may have what it takes to make it in the business—or it could be a box office flop.

Before you sign any deals, audition your brand for the part, and see whether it makes the cut.

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